Imperial Silence, the Xicano Internet Opera Coming to a Computer Monitor Near you in Winter 2006!

Here's a teaser! Act I, Scene II of the ópera is Los ABCs: A Wartime Primer

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Los ABCs

¡Qué vivan los muertos!

Los ABCs: is a five-minute Xicano docu-animation cataloguing the real-life testimony of skeletons who have returned to tell their stories of life and death at war. Do you remember your ABCs? No? Well, you're in luck. Sing along with this group of animated Mariachi social documentarians who will guide you through in a history that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder why.


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Written and Directed by

John Jota Leaños

Art Direction

Sean Levon Nash

Animation and Technical Direction

Ivan Wachter

Musical Composition

Cristóbal Martinez


Juan G. Aguilar

M. Yesenia Cervantes

Javier Enriquez

Cristóbal Martinez

Sound Effects

Ryan McFadden

Audio Production Consultation

J.C. Golding

Special Thanks to Aurora Torres González, Camino X. Torres-Leaños, Meredith Martinez, Parousha Zand and Erica Aguilar por apoyar y aguantar nuestras obsesiones. Agradecimientos a José Guadalupe Posada, Edward Gorey y Eduardo Galeano.

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Imperial Silence Productions